The house is tight

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I guess that means we’ve been busy.  The flooding in Ames and the damage to people’s homes and property has been heart breaking.  We have added backup sump pump systems to several homes and tried to help out as much as we can.  We saw a lot of homes that the sump pump system was over whelmed and couldn’t keep up as well as rivers of water that filled window wells and broke through to flood the basement.  Most things are fixable but it’s the mementos and personal items that can’t be replaced and that’s tough. 

On a brighter note our house near Madrid is coming along nicely.  The sheet rock work is done and most of the exterior siding is on.  The big  news is we did the blower door test last Friday and got the best reading on any house we’ve built and probably one of the best in the state.  We guarantee an air exchange rate of .1 air changes per hour or less and this house tested at .0097 air changes per hour.  There was some joking about a fart blowing out the windows.  Congratulations to Josh and Lynn (our crew) on the great job sealing up the home.

Front of the home in late August


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New House

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