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The house is tight

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I guess that means we’ve been busy.  The flooding in Ames and the damage to people’s homes and property has been heart breaking.  We have added backup sump pump systems to several homes and tried to help out as much as we can.  We saw a lot of homes that the sump pump system was over whelmed and couldn’t keep up as well as rivers of water that filled window wells and broke through to flood the basement.  Most things are fixable but it’s the mementos and personal items that can’t be replaced and that’s tough. 

On a brighter note our house near Madrid is coming along nicely.  The sheet rock work is done and most of the exterior siding is on.  The big  news is we did the blower door test last Friday and got the best reading on any house we’ve built and probably one of the best in the state.  We guarantee an air exchange rate of .1 air changes per hour or less and this house tested at .0097 air changes per hour.  There was some joking about a fart blowing out the windows.  Congratulations to Josh and Lynn (our crew) on the great job sealing up the home.

Front of the home in late August


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New House

Well we dug a basement a week and a half ago and are happily working on the foundation.  The rain has been a challenge but once we got the rock in the hole life got a lot easier.  This home has a wood foundation and there are a lot of things to like about how it’s going in such as square, straight and plum.  The drive way is very muddy, we’re hoping it will dry up before we have to put the basement floor in.  I’ll post some photos of the progress later.


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    The clocks are finished.  The main body of the case was made from the legs and feet of the piano bench.  We originally wanted to use wind up works but opted out when it became difficult to get the works to work.

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Craig Holden, our shop steward, is finishing up an interesting project he started earlier this winter.  The conversion of an old upright piano into various furniture pieces.  He’s made and entry table, and entertainment center, a piano parts display case and just finishing two mantel clocks, all made from pieces and parts of the piano.  I’ll post some more pictures when the clocks are done.     Dave

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This last weekend I decided to remove some snow from our roof around the skylights and chimney.  There has been a lot of melting in the area and the ice dams looked impressive.   There’s a lot of planning that goes into a project like this, like do I prefer the walnut coffin or the oak one.  It was a good way to get my wife to express her feelings toward me, “don’t do it, I love you to much”.   Our roof is a relatively low slope, 4 inches of rise to every one foot of run, and the snow was so deep once I stepped onto the roof I would have had to snap off at the knees to fall off.  So making sure I stayed well anchored in the deep snow I did my shovel work without incident.  What I did observe is the ice dams were a lot more impressive from the ground than from the roof.  At most they were 10 inches up the roof for a dam about 4 inches thick at the drip line.  The other observation was the massive amount of snow on the roof, in some places 30 inches or more.  I was concerned about the load but a quick inspection in the attic and around the house looked like things are holding up well.  This winter has been rough on buildings and especially roofs.  It will be interesting to see what happens when the big melt starts.

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Our open house last Friday seemed to go well despite the snow, yes more snow.  Open house from 3-6, snow storm from 1-9.  Anyway the place looked great, the food was good and we had over 100 people attend.

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Welcome to our new, updated web site.  We’ve added new information and photos about the many services we offer here at IHC.

Today we are busy getting ready for our open house on Friday.  The bathroom has been updated, cabinets added to the work room and finally after 20 years of business we are hanging pictures of some of the many projects we have done.  We will soon be ready for the big clean up before everyone arrives. If you have a chance to stop in we’ll be open from 3:00 to 6:00.

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